79.99 USD

This rank is for you if you want to support the server and care more about supporting than getting something in return. Sure, you get a few more perks, but at the end of the day, this rank helps keep the server up and running. Thanks for considering such a great donation!

Everything from rank Angel PLUS:

Prefix: [LEGEND]


/craft Access a crafting table anywhere!

/clear Clear all items in your inventory!

/fix Instantly repair an item in your hand!

/heal Instantly heal yourself!

/kittycannon Throw an exploding kitty!

/beezooka Throw an exploding bee!

/thor Rain down lightning!

/suicide Kill yourself 0.o

No AFK kick!

Join when the server is full!

Access to colors in the chat! Use /kit color to see all color options!

Create signs with colors and formats! (/kit color)

Unlimited homes!


An 100 level XP boost, useful for buying custom enchantments with /ce!


$10,000,000 in-game currency